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Dubai is one of the seven Emirates and main cities of the United Arab Emirates under the rulership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Vice President, and Ruler of Dubai. It has moulded a reputation as one of the most notable and vibrant cities in the Middle East, and has the largest population in the United Arab Emirates and the second largest Emirate by area after Abu Dhabi. Dubai has attracted world-wide attention through innovative real estate projects and sports events. The city’s geographical location continued to attract traders and merchants from around the region. Dubai is split down in the middle by a creek which runs through the centre of the old part of town. The creek is the lifeblood of this tightly spaced and densely populated urban area. It has been the focal point for traders in the city.

Dubai was known for its pearl exports until the 1930s. However, its pearling industry was damaged irreparably by the events of the First World War, and later on by the Great Depression in the late 1920s. In the 1950s, electricity, telephone services and an airport were established when the British moved their local offices from Sharjah to Dubai. The Jebel Ali Free Zone, comprising the Jebel Ali Port (known as the world’s largest man made port) was established in 1979, which provided foreign companies unrestricted import of labor and export capital. The success of the Jebel Ali Free Zone allowed the city to develop clusters of new free zones, including Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Maritime City. 

Since 2002, the city increased its private real estate investment in recreating Dubai’s skyline projects such as The Palm Islands, The World Islands and Burj Dubai. Dubai has a diverse and multicultural society, large shopping malls in the city as well as traditional souks that attracts shoppers from other countries and within the region. Some of Dubai’s landmark buildings can be found in Deira, including the Etisalat tower, a local telecommunications provider in the United Arab Emirates. South of the creek is Bur Dubai which is a largely urban area. The other major centre of Dubai is centred on the artery of the Shaikh Zayed Road, a six lane super-highway which cuts the heart of the city’s financial district and stretches to the neighbouring town of Jebel Ali.

The area around the start of the Sheikh Zayed Road has been the subject of massive development over the past decade. The aim is to shift the focus of the city away from the now overcrowded urban areas of Deira and Bur Dubai. It is the heart of the new financial district with the Dubai International Financial Centre and the Emirates Towers giving an aesthetically pleasing aspect to the busy hub. Once you get pass the ‘Trade Centre’ district of the Shaikh Zayed Road, the highway stretches for 40km through the town of Jebel Ali and onto the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Development has sprung up around the major road, with residential developments, skyscrapers, shopping malls and industrial areas dotted along most of its length. The coastal areas of Jumeirah and Umm Sequim are fairly well developed now and home of luxury residences, hotel resorts, including the iconic Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the world famous Palm Jumeirah. Most recently, a development known locally as 'New Dubai' has been springing up on the other side of the city. It features luxury developments like Dubai Marina and the sprawling Emirates Hills.

The open nature of the society in Dubai makes it a haven for people who wants to retire, relocate their families and invest in real estate. It creates a real estate and property boom that delights the fantasy of most people, who wants to buy, sell or lease a property that can realize an excellent rate of returns.

The city is developing into a nation that is the epitome of globalization. It has reinvented itself to customize the needs and satisfaction of all cultures and conventions. It is a commercial region where the real estate, properties and investments are being created to gratify a universal regime.

Dubai is a fast-paced open city recently occupied by people of all race and denominations, open to various entertainment factions, has excellent education and healthcare facilities, and a place where living your dream home comes to a reality.

Dubai’s sunny weather and its cosmopolitan flavor matches the city’s Real Estate Developments that are inspired by different cultures and concepts from all over the world.